Fixtures - 5-a-Side Football

Division 1

TEAM KIT COLOURS - Where indicated next to the team name the AWAY team wears change kit or bibs

BRAINS AND BBRAUN - Blue & Black Stripes
TOTAL BILLIES - White & Black

Monday 16th October
Brains and Bbraun 6 v Jester City 5

Monday 23rd October
Total Billies 7 v Inter NHS 5
Fracture United 7 v Total Bankers 12

Monday 30th October
Jester City 10 v Total Bankers 8
Inter NHS 5 v Fracture United 9
Brains and Bbraun 1 v Total Billies 9

Monday 6th November
Total Bankers 4 v Total Billies 3
Fracture United 3 v Jester City 16
Inter NHS 7 v Brains and Bbraun 8

Monday 13th November
Total Bankers 14 v Inter NHS 3
Total Billies 5 v Jester City 9
Brains and Bbraun 4 v Fracture United 7

Monday 20th November
Jester City 5 v Inter NHS 2
Fracture United 3 v Total Billies 7
Brains and Bbraun 9 v Total Bankers 7

Monday 27th November
Inter NHS 6 v Total Billies 10
Jester City 11 v Brains and Bbraun 3
Total Bankers 6 v Fracture United 4

Monday 4th December
Total Bankers 5 v Jester City 4
Fracture United 7 v Inter NHS 5
Total Billies 8 v Brains and Bbraun 5

Monday 11th December
6.10pm Total Billies v Total Bankers
7.15pm Jester City v Fracture United
7.15pm Brains and Bbraun v Inter NHS

Monday 8th January
6.10pm Inter NHS v Total Bankers
7.15pm Fracture United v Brains and Bbraun
7.15pm Jester City v Total Billies

Monday 15th January
6.40pm Inter NHS v Jester City
7.15pm Total Billies v Fracture United
7.15pm Total Bankers v Brains and Bbraun


Division 2

TEAM KIT COLOURS - Where indicated next to the team name the AWAY team wears change kit or bibs

CELL-TICK - Purple
EXPECTED TOULOUSE - Purple and White

Monday 16th October
Bleeding Marvellous 4 v Inter Row Z 12
Cell-Tick 3 v Sporting Gamma 3

Monday 23rd October
Law Abiding Sigurdsson 12 v Expected Toulouse 7

Monday 30th October
Inter Row Z 11 v Cell-Tick 5
Expected Toulouse 4 v Sporting Gamma 9
Law Abiding Sigurdsson 8 v Bleeding Marvellous 5

Monday 6th November
Sporting Gamma 6 v Bleeding Marvellous 15
Cell-Tick 9 v Expected Toulouse 8
Inter Row Z 3 v Law Abiding Sigurdsson 5

Monday 13th November
Bleeding Marvellous 12 v Expected Toulouse 3
Sporting Gamma 3 v Inter Row Z 9
Law Abiding Sigurdsson 7 v Cell-Tick 6

Monday 20th November
Cell-Tick 9 v Bleeding Marvellous 11
Expected Toulouse 10 v Inter Row Z 12
Law Abiding Sigurdsson 18 v Sporting Gamma 2

Monday 27th November
Sporting Gamma 4 v Cell-Tick 11
Inter Row Z 8 v Bleeding Marvellous 6
Expected Toulouse 7 v Law Abiding Sigurdsson 16

Monday 4th December
Cell-Tick 3 v Inter Row Z 8
Sporting Gamma 14 v Expected Toulouse 5
Bleeding Marvellous 9 v Law Abiding Sigurdsson 2

Monday 11th December
6.10pm Bleeding Marvellous v Sporting Gamma
6.40pm Expected Toulouse v Cell-Tick
6.40pm Law Abiding Sigurdsson v Inter Row Z

Monday 8th January
6.10pm Inter Row Z v Sporting Gamma
6.40pm Cell-Tick v Law Abiding Sigurdsson
6.40pm Expected Toulouse v Bleeding Marvellous

Monday 15th January
6.10pm Bleeding Marvellous v Cell-Tick
6.10pm Inter Row Z v Expected Toulouse
6.40pm Sporting Gamma v Law Abiding Sigurdsson


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