Rules - 5-a-Side Football

Rules and Regulations

  • Each Team must pay £35 at the start of the season for their first 2 matches (£17.50 per match). If they fulfil all their fixtures the last game of the season will be free.
  • Each team is rewarded with £25 at the end of the season if they fulfil all their fixtures without cancellations.
  • Each Team's Captain MUST be a Current Frank Lee Member.
  • The cost per team is £17.50 per match. This MUST be paid prior to kick off. The game will not start until payment is made. The paying team receives a receipt which they must give to the referee before kick off.
  • ALL NEW teams will be issued with a football at the start of the season. It is their responsibility to bring a ball each week for their fixture. If the team loses a ball replacements can be purchased from the Frank Lee or an alternative source, but they must be of good quality.
  • If your team fails to bring a football you will be deducted 1 point, If both teams fail to bring a football for their fixture the game is a voided No-Result.
  • Cancellations must be done at Reception either in person or by calling 01223 868300/Hospital ex. 3388. It is also helpful if you email to confirm cancellation.
  • Cancellations result in a 6-0 DEFEAT for the team and a 1 POINT DEDUCTION.
  • If a team withdraws from the league any results from fixtures against them become void and they will lose ANY MONEY PAID. A Maximum of 9 Players is allowed per squad, per week. TEAMS WITHDRAWING FROM LEAGUE PRIOR TO FULFILLING ALL FIXTURES WILL NEED TO PAY A £25 RELEASE FEE.
  • All teams may only borrow 1 player from other teams for their match. Players can only play for 2 teams per week without exception.
  • Any guests playing for your team must pay £1.50 each per match. ALL fees must be paid BEFORE your game kicks off. The Game won't start unless payment is received and this may result in a forfeited result if not paid.
  • You must enter via Reception and inform the Receptionist who you are playing for and they will check whether the match fee has been paid. If it hasn't you will be requested to wait for your team to pay before being allowed to go through to the pitch.
  • ANY violent behaviour on the field will result in the offending team being REMOVED from the league.


  • All outfield Players MUST wear shin pads without exception. IF YOU ARE NOT WEARING THEM YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.
  • All teams MUST wear the same colour top. Please DO NOT wear a collection of different colour tops as this makes it awkward for the referee to identify each team. Kits are preferable so if you have a designated team kit please wear this. Referees will check this and the Footwear prior to kick off.


  • Is a sand filled Astro turf. Footwear allowed is trainers ONLY. It is advisable that the footwear is Astro turf football trainers. Please DO NOT wear Blades, Moulded Studs or any Football Boots. If you do you will not be allowed to play. Referees will check your footwear prior to kick off.


  • The games are 30 minutes in length. 15 minutes per half where you will swap ends.
  • Games are officiated by fully qualified referees.
  • Teams MUST wear the same colour tops please (see kit section).
  • Please ensure your team is ready to kick off at the stated kick off time (if you are late see below). All fixtures and times can be found on the website.
  • If you are late you will automatically kick off 2-0 down. Any later than 5 minutes+ that you are late will result in a forfeited match in which case you will automatically lose 6-0 and be deducted 1 point.
  • Each team has 1 keeper and 4 outfield players.
  • After a goal the game is restarted by a centre kick which must be touched by 2 players. Shooting from kick off ISN'T allowed.
  • All Free Kicks are Indirect.
  • If the ball goes out of play it is restarted by an underarm roll-in.
  • Each set of players CAN'T go in the penalty area; if the defending team's player does it is a Penalty kick. If the keeper comes out of the area it is also a Penalty. This is completely at the referees discretion.
  • Momentum of Players movements inside and outside the box when shooting, defending or goalkeeping is at the discretion of the Referee.
  • Goalkeepers must roll the ball out under arm when the ball is in their possession. If he doesn't it will result in a free kick from a position at the Referees discretion.
  • There is NO SLIDE TACKLING allowed.
  • There are NO head height rules, the ball can go over head height.
  • Substitutions are rolling and can be made when the ball is dead and you MUST notify the Referee. Please DO NOT make them whilst the ball is still in play.
  • Pass backs are allowed but you CAN'T receive the ball straight back from the keeper. Also if the keeper has the ball rolls it out to you and you pass it back to him this ISN'T allowed and a free kick will be given for either offence from where you have received the ball.
  • The referee is responsible for the score keeping and all matters arising from the matches.
  • Sin Bins will be operated at the Referees discretion. These are 2 minutes in duration.
  • Any sending offs will result in a 1 match suspension.
  • You MUST wear shin pads. If you don't you will not be allowed to play by the referee. NO PADS,NO PLAY. The Frank Lee and the Referees cannot be held responsible for any injuries suffered as a result of not wearing them so please wear them.
  • Players are NOT allowed to wear any jewellery e.g. watches, rings, chains etc. Please remove them prior to kick off.
  • To help with the flow of the matches could ALL substitutes retrieve the ball when it goes out of play or over the fence.


Last Updated: Monday, 21 March 2016


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