Swimming Lessons FAQ

Can I sign up my child for lessons if I work on site?

If you work on site you are able to sign up as a member of the centre. You will need to do this before your child can be signed up for lessons.


What age can children start lessons?

They can join the duckling's classes from 3 years old.


Can someone who isn't a member bring my child to lessons?

No. The child must be brought by the member to each lesson. Any adult guests that wish to accompany the member will need to pay the Saturday morning spectator fee which is 50p. If someone is going to be bringing your child on a regular basis then they will need to be joined as an associate member. They can join for as little as £4 per month.


Does my child need to bring anything to lessons?

We will provide all the equipment they need for their lessons (apart from swim kit). They will be issued a swimming hat at their first lesson, according to their level and they will be required to bring it every week to wear while having their lesson.


Do I have to stay on poolside while my child is swimming?

No. But you do have to remain in the centre at all times.


What if we miss a lesson?

The 12 week course is paid when booking your child in. Any lessons missed will not be refunded.


How will we know when they need to change levels?

Your child will be assessed at the end of every term. You will be informed of the assessment outcomes by email and given the chance to rebook first before the places are offered to new people who wish to join the lessons.


Do the lessons run during half term?

Usually there is 1 week off for half term which is the second Saturday. However please check swim lesson tab for the current course dates.


Last Updated: Thursday, 18 April 2013

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