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Sta's Buffet Menu

All prices are subject to VAT and include paper plates, plastic glasses, cutlery and napkins.

Plates and metal cutlery are available at an extra charge.
Refreshments and extras: £1.00 (minimum charge of £25 at any one time)
Orange juice: £0.75
Mineral water: £1.95 a bottle
Mini cakes: £1.25
Cake slice: £2.10
Biscuits free with each order subject to a min charge
Fresh fruit/crisps: £0.59

To discuss any requirements please get in contact with Sta on 01223 217801 or

Buffet A1

BBQ Chicken wings
Selection of filled granary rolls to your choice
Powter Sausages
Spring rolls (v)
Vegetable quiches (v)
Flapjack/Nature Valley biscuits
Fresh fruit
Orange juice and water
£6.25 per head

Buffet A3

Vegetable & cheese wraps (v)
Vegetable samosas (v)
Chicken kebab
Beef meat balls
King prawns torpedo
Vegetable spring rolls (v)
Chocolate brownie/fresh fruits
Crisps – variety of flavours
Orange juice & water
£8.95 per head

Buffet A5

Honey roast ham
Smoked salmon
Greek salad
Vegetable couscous
Bread basket
Cake selection
Coffee, tea and water
£9.50 per head

Buffet A7

Parma ham
Roast beef
Smoked salmon
Potato salad Greek salad
Cheese & biscuits
Mini cakes
Bread basket
Juice, water, coffee & tea
£12.95 a head

Buffet A2

Selection of sandwiches to your choice
Vegetable & cheese wrap
BBQ chicken wings
Sausage rolls
Vegetable falafel (v)
King prawns in garlic & pesto sauce
Mixed muffins
Fresh fruit
Orange juice & water
£7.50 per head

Working Lunch

Selection of sandwiches choice of fillings
Sandwich fillings include: tuna mayonnaise, ham, ham & cheese, brie, egg & crest, coronation chicken, BLT, cheese & tomato, Parma ham, houmus salad
Selection of filled wraps
Crisps - variety of flavours
Flapjack/ Fresh fruit
Juice and water
£5.45 a head

Buffet A6

Roast turkey
Spiced mackerel
Mixed salad
New potatoes
Bread basket
Selection of cakes
Fresh fruit
Coffee, juice and water
£10.50 per head

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