Swimming lessons are currently unavailable whilst we are closed. We will update this part of the website when they are available again.
For Children on the lessons prior to lockdown rest assured your place is guaranteed when we are able to restart. 

Please read below our list of tips to help keep you and everyone around you safe.

Please note:
 The spaces can only be booked by Frank Lee Leisure & Fitness members for their children and they must remain a current member for the remainder of the term.

We have made some improvements to lessons and we ask you all to follow these to ensure the safety of yourself and other participants.  

  • If you or your child have a cough or cold or any mild symptoms where you feel unwell please DO NOT visit the club.
  • If you have cancelled or froze your membership please ensure you restart/rejoin prior to the lessons start date by email to membership@frank-lee.com or visiting reception.
  • Please ensure there is one parent per child ONLY. Parents must wear face covering at all times whilst in building. Please swipe your membership card at reception on arrival, we can print another card for you at £2 charge. Please Don’t make us ask, wear a mask.
  • Children must come changed in their swimming costumes and swimming hat ready to swim.  Red hats ducklings to stage 3, white hats stage 4 upwards.
  • ALL children and parents/guardians will be temperature checked at the point of entry to the building. Please use the hand sanitiser upon entry and frequently during your visit.
  • Children are collected in the pool corridor by the teacher. As usual enter the pool corridor via the changing rooms. Parents will then access the gallery via reception to watch the lesson.
  • Parents must wear face coverings whilst watching the lessons.
  • Our swim teachers will teach from the poolside, helpers will be in the water but will wear face coverings for extra safety. Teachers and helpers are also temperature checked and asked if any symptoms prior to the lessons starting.  
  • Lessons will be 25 minutes long with a 5 minute clean down period before the next lesson starting. If you can’t remember your time please check via the home portal or email dan.wright@frank-lee.com   
  • Parents are asked not to shower children after lessons to minimise time spent in the building. Please Change swiftly and exit.
  • Please can you use the NHS Test and Trace when you visit. The QR codes are displayed around the building.

 In order for everyone to continue to remain healthy and swimming, we must stick together and follow the rules in place to keep everyone safe.

  • Email dan.wright@frank-lee.com if you have any queries. 


DUCKLINGS Ducklings classes are a chance for toddlers to enjoy learning to swim and gaining water confidence with help from the teacher and swim helpers who are in the water with the children. Classes are for children from 3 years +.

STAGE 1 Stage 1 helps to build water confidence, while introducing water safety skills and the basic skills needed to build swimming ability.
Learners will develop basic safety awareness, learn basic movement skills and water confidence skills.
They will also be introduced to a structured class setting. Swimmers may use flotation equipment, such as arm bands and floats, throughout this stage.

CLASS TIMES: 8am, 9am, 9.30am 

See this short video for more details about this stage https://youtu.be/L7G0QjEuThg
STAGE 2 Stage 2 sees swimmers develop streamlining to their strokes and travel without their feet on the floor, using a recognised leg kick.
Swimmers are also introduced to aquatic breathing and taught to make safe entries into the water, including jumping.
They will develop basic floating and learn how to rotate to regain an upright position without support. All travel must be achieved without the use of flotation equipment, though buoyancy aids may be used when swimmers aren’t travelling.

CLASS TIMES: 8.30am, 9.30am, 10am & 11.30am

See this short video for more details about this stage https://youtu.be/0jQegbuhwSk
STAGE 3 Stage 3 Swimmers will develop their kicks, on both their front and their back. They streamline through push and glides, whilst also swimming underwater.

Swimmers will develop safe entries into the water, including submersion, and travel up to 10 metres on their front and back. Water safety knowledge and rotation skills will also be progressed

CLASS TIMES: 8.30am, 9am & 9.30am 

See this short video for more details about this stage https://youtu.be/KIVAmbz_EqE
STAGE 4 Stage 4 sees swimmers perfect their leg kicks for all four strokes and further develop push and glides, while also being introduced to sculling.
They will develop an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills and should swim 10 metres to the Swim England expected standards.

: 8.30am, 9.30am, 10am & 11.30am 

See this short video for more details about this stage https://youtu.be/e9bIMJxXLRw
STAGE 5 Stage 5, swimmers will develop their skills in treading water, learn the correct arm pulls for all four strokes and learn how to do handstands and somersaults.
This means they will develop their technique and perform all strokes to the Swim England expected standards.
The emphasis is on ensuring all work done in the previous stages is developed further.

: 8am, 9am & 11.30am

See this short video for more details about this stage https://youtu.be/VfjCJFtdGQM
STAGE 6 Stage 6 teaches swimmers how to prepare for exercise, while developing an efficient technique for all four strokes and further developing surface dives. 

The effective swimming skills taught include coordination, breathing and an understanding of water safety.
Within this stage, swimmers will work on all the other strokes, including streamlining, improving their technique with both their arms and their legs.


See this short video for more details about this stage https://youtu.be/YOXlVGXNy10
STAGE 7 Stage 7 focuses on fully developing all four swimming strokes, as well as building stamina and improving diving skills.
Swimmers should develop a quality stroke technique for up to 100 metres, incorporating the skills they have learnt throughout the stages and combining them to develop a linked routine.
They should successfully complete an obstacle course, which combines a variety of skills they have learnt from Stages 1 to 7.

: 11am

See this short video for more details about this stage https://youtu.be/TrLQTuzUmPE


Once they have achieved level 7 they have the competency to swim effectively over a prolonged distance.

We offer classes for STAGES 8, 9, 10 and ADVANCED Swimmers.

STAGE 8: 10.30am & 11am
STAGE 9: 10.30am
STAGE 10 & ADVANCED: 10.30am 

Please visit this link for the objectives of these stages via the Swim England website https://www.swimming.org/learntoswim/swim-england-learn-to-swim-awards-8-10/

Remaining term dates for current enrolments (please attend at your normal time):

Saturday 31st October
Saturday 7th November
Saturday 14th November 

For further information please email dan.wright@frank-lee.com

Your child will be assessed at the end of every term. Once on the course you have the chance to rebook your child at the end of each term. The class timetable changes each term so times are subject to change but you will be informed.